Consumer needs are shifting towards emotional ones

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Unmet consumer expectations are inhibiting the path to purchase

Inertia to make decisions:


buy on a different day
Distracted user journey:


need to see content
at least 3-4 times


are sceptical about
branded content

Source: Future of Commerce research by Boston Consulting Group,commissioned by TikTok. Conducted in ID, TH, VN, JP, KR, AU, Apr 2022

What consumers want:

Tell stories and educate

Build content with genuine storytelling and educational value.

Focus on video first

Embrace a video-first approach defined by short content that maintains attention.

Don't force decision-making

Ensure content is associated with interests and hobbies that align with your consumer, and don’t seek to force decision making.

Be authentic

Create an authentic brand sentiment, with credible reviews and open and engaging community conversations, and lead with authentic videos that inspire within a community.

Recommend the trends

Include the voices of credible and trusted community experts, and facilitate extended conversations between friends and users. Build this into a strong and trusted culture and following.

By 2025, Shoppertainment is APAC's US$1 trillion opportunity

and these growth markets have 60%+ CAGR.



Star Market:
$27B, 30% penetration

Japan & Korea

Highest Potential Markets:
$22B & $22B respectively
vietnam and thailand

Thailand & Vietnam

Mainstay Markets:
37% & 34% respectively


Future Growth Markets:
59% CAGR growth